“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances;
if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”CARL GUSTAV JUNG


Hi, I’m Ezra!

Italian, a Libra, new to Orange County from Missouri, and currently studying business to start one of my own. For my age, I’m quite genuine, driven, and passionate in every area of life. Animals are definitely my all-time favorite; Outside of my studies I’m often spontaneously heading outdoors whenever humanly possible: Practicing yoga, photography, playing basketball/tennis, hiking, and rock climbing.

Yours truly,
Ezra Rossi


Cuisine:  Sushi, Italian, Mediterranean
Drink:  White Chocolate Latte
Vacation Spot:  Laguna Beach, California
Hobbies:  Photography, Tennis, Hiking

Ethnicity:  Italian, American
Personality:  Ambitious, Passionate, Sweet
Education:  College Student
Age:  21
Curves:  32B-24-33
Figure:  5'7" & 110 lbs
Hair:  Dirty Blonde
Eyes:  Brown
Enhancements:  No
Tattoos:  One
Piercings:  Yes


Feel free to drop in and say ciao.